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I once double parked my buggy in the car section, and was ticketed.  The horse was mad at me too.   Anyhow, although my wife has insisted a funny caption “would come to me”, I’m giving up on that and going into an explanation.   This sign is on a very good restaurant in the tiny Kansas town of Yoder.   Founded in 1889 as an Amish community, it survives to this day.   In addition to the Carriage Crossing  restaurant, there are other shops in town that cater to visitors.   You can still see horse drawn buggies around the area, mingling with cars.   This sign could make for a photograph that was actually good, if you happened to visit at the right time and caught some buggies and cars, in interesting light perhaps.

(For anyone outside the U.S., I’m not sure if “Buggy” is an American  term or not, it refers to a small horse drawn vehicle.)