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Snowpocalypse II




We got hammered by a second big snow last week, a few days after the first.  This one left a beautiful fluffy snow clinging to even the smallest tree branches.  I did not venture far, and I fear missed some good photo opportunities as a result.    This was in my yard.   I thought it had a hint of the look of one of those old Japanese paintings.





Wednesday and Thursday, February 20 & 21, 2013 is one for the record books in Wichita, Ks.   We experienced the second heaviest snowfall from a single storm on record.  The only one larger was in 1962.  At least 14″ has fallen officially, which is a very big deal for Kansas.   This one even beats the one in March 1970.  That one was in the 13″ plus category, and I had the unfortunate experience of being on a boy scout camping trip for that one.  (Forecasting was much less accurate then!)

Rather than try to drive somewhere for photography this time, I just walked around the house – this was my favorite.   It doesn’t really show the magnitude of the snowfall, but it was the most attractive.   I hope in the days to come we might get some interesting light and perhaps I can get  some more interesting images.   Although Kansas really got hammered with snow, and all the problems it causes, in the long run this will be beneficial because the farmers are really needing the moisture.

Snow Shadows


We’re blanketed in snow here in south central Kansas, and are just coming off one of the coldest nights ever recorded here, -17 degrees F.   Yes, there’s a minus sign in front of that 17.  Anyhow, I took a quick walk around the yard and found the tree shadows on the snow more interesting than anything.   The sun was getting low in the sky and the light turning a little warm.   It almost looks like I was panning the camera, but you can see the snow is sharp.

Snow Branch

We got our expected snow.  I went out briefly to shoot in the yard this morning in case I don’t get the chance to venture further, later.   It’s a little hard for me to separate something interesting from all the tree branch clutter around here – this morning I was thinking close-ups and possibly abstract patterns.  It’s a problem getting snow to show up against a bright gray sky, but I went that route anyway.

Monochrome Without the Monochrome~Birds & Fog

Birds On Lake In Icy Winter Fog

A Serene Winter Fog

This is a color photo, nature herself did the monochrome conversion on this one.   I usually prefer a deep contrast in my black and white images, but a lighter airy feel seems better for this one.  An icy winter fog was over the partially frozen lake, but the ducks and geese seemed to be coping just fine.  This image is an example of what you can achieve with a point and shoot camera, it was an early test of my little Canon S90.    This is a sophisticated ‘point and shoot’, but I don’t recall doing anything special here, I probably chose the f-stop, focused, composed, and clicked.   You don’t have to have a big old dSLR (although they sure are nice.)