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Rusty Moon Pt. II~Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse


Lunar Eclipse Dec. 21, 2010
Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse


After all of yesterdays talk I decided to set an alarm and venture out to see the eclipse between approximately 1:30am and 2:00am central U.S. time.    As those of you who saw it know, the moon was very high overhead so getting any arty foreground objects in the frame was a problem, at least here in the central U.S.    This was shot with my D700, ISO 3200, 180mm, f/11 at 3.2 seconds.   If you click the image for the larger version you can better see the numerous stars (that were starting to trail even at 3.2 seconds) detected by the camera.  This was early in totality, clouds moved in soon after and spoiled my intent to get the eclipsing  moon and the constellation Orion in the same frame.

By the way, it looked cool!