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Dog vs. Raccoon~Urban Wildlife Incident Report


It was an ordinary quiet morning here in Kansas’  largest city.   Then I heard my dog Lucas barking.  Not the “I want to come in” bark.  Not the “I see something across the street” bark.  Not even the “there is a squirrel in that tree” bark.   This was definitely the “there is a large unusual creature in the yard!” bark.   I went out to see, and there it was.  Was it a cat with strange markings?  No, it was a raccoon in a tree.  Unlike the fire incident in July, this time I sprinted back in the house, grabbed my camera out of the bag, switched to my 70-200mm zoom, and ran back out.  Unfortunately, I looked down to see there was no memory card in the camera.  I ran back in, found a card, inserted it, formatted it, and ran back out.   The raccoon was still there, in a heated standoff with Lucas.  I was able to get a few pretty good  portraits.   Things were getting pretty tense, and visions of rabies shots began dancing in my head, so Lucas and I retreated to the house and let the stressed raccoon go about his/her  business.     I believe these are the first raccoon images in my portfolio.


The Standoff

I Went To The Zoo, And…

All the animals hid their faces.     Naw, I just made that up.   Saturday afternoon I had a couple of free hours, but it was the middle of the day, with not a cloud in the sky.  What can you photograph in harsh mid-day light, where the sky is not important?   I gave the zoo a chance.   We actually have a very highly regarded modern zoo in Wichita, and I haven’t been there in a couple of years so it was quite enjoyable.   One of the newer additions is a pair of grizzly bears, which you can actually get quite close to.   The only thing separating them from the people is a big deep trench (which it looks like he could jump, but I guess not.)   This means no fences or railings to shoot through, although if I had a longer lens I might have been able to isolate some nice head shots.   I’m not sure what use photographing animals in zoos serves other than being fun, I suspect true wildlife photographers would look upon this in  disdain.   It was a fun change of pace at least.

A More Noble Pose

I Hate Mondays

He hates Mondays too.

Power failure.   Burned out cable modem.  Lingering illness.  Such is the stuff of this Monday.  I finally am back online.   I’d like to tell you that this photo was taken somewhere in east Africa.  I could tell you it was in Africa.  But the fact is it was taken at our local zoo, through glass.   We actually have a very highly regarded zoo, and the gorilla exhibit is well designed.   I need to go back.

When Good Iguanas Go Bad

Iguana On Rocks Ignoring Rules

I stumbled upon this scene in St. Thomas.   The word “Iguana” is derived from a Spanish form of the original Taino name for the species “Iwana”, which means “outlaw”.   Ok, I made that last part up.