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Windmills In The Mist





OK, actually it’s Windmill, singular, and fog…and the tree is more prominent than the windmill.   But Windmills In The Mist sounded better.

A Tree With Character Revisted



The weather systems aligned and we were blessed with two mornings of dense fog a couple of weeks ago here in Wichita.   I had a great time taking photographs.   This is a particular tree that caught my eye out at Sedgwick County Park.   The last time I went out for a major fog shoot here at home, I had posted a “Tree With Character”  on the blog, I thought this one qualified for the same honor.  All the post processing was done in Lightroom.

Kaleidoscope Tree


I went to Sedgwick County Park here in Wichita, Kansas  Sunday to look for fall color.  The first scene that I stopped for was this crazy multi-colored tree.   I leave it to any botanists/arborists/tree experts for the scientific explanation.   It looks as if the leaves are changing at wildly differing rates on various parts of the tree.

The Ice Is Right




We had an ice event this week here in Wichita.   Trees and power lines were encased in ice, causing the trees to make an unnerving crackling sound in the slightest breeze.   The first day it was overcast and my photographs were disappointing.  I thought maybe things would be more promising in the direct sunlight, and this morning that proved correct.   I came in with several promising images, the first of which you see here.   I must say that I had to relearn how incredibly shallow the depth of field is when shooting things this close, even with smaller apertures.   Anyhow, I’m going to post ice photos as long as I can think of bad puns for the post title.  Already rejected for this post are: “Ice Knowing Ya”, and “Ice-aroni, the San Francisco treat”.









Wednesday and Thursday, February 20 & 21, 2013 is one for the record books in Wichita, Ks.   We experienced the second heaviest snowfall from a single storm on record.  The only one larger was in 1962.  At least 14″ has fallen officially, which is a very big deal for Kansas.   This one even beats the one in March 1970.  That one was in the 13″ plus category, and I had the unfortunate experience of being on a boy scout camping trip for that one.  (Forecasting was much less accurate then!)

Rather than try to drive somewhere for photography this time, I just walked around the house – this was my favorite.   It doesn’t really show the magnitude of the snowfall, but it was the most attractive.   I hope in the days to come we might get some interesting light and perhaps I can get  some more interesting images.   Although Kansas really got hammered with snow, and all the problems it causes, in the long run this will be beneficial because the farmers are really needing the moisture.

Supernatural Fog #1



This blog has been dormant for a while now.   The last eight weeks or so has been a seemingly unending stream of bad luck, culminating in the passing of my father-in-law, Ted Williams,  last Thursday night.   He was a great guy who’s inspiring story and generosity made a real mark in this world.   Saturday, December 1, would have been his 68th birthday, and on this day an eerie thick fog formed around his home town of Belleville, Ks.   All morning, then again in the evening,  a thick fog formed which we informally dubbed “Ted Fog”, because we suspect  he must have had something to do with it.   It has been awhile since I went out and did some real shooting, but this was a gift and I took advantage of it as best I could.   I will miss you terribly Ted, just as the rest of your family and friends will.     More supernatural fog images will follow in the days ahead.

Venus & Jupiter Sittin’ In A Tree



This week, for various astronomical reasons, Venus and Jupiter appear unusually close together in the western sky after sunset.  This is known as a conjunction.  While interesting and lovely, especially for astronomy enthusiasts, this does not necessarily lend itself to spectacular photography.   On this one, I found myself more interested in how the sycamore tree looked in this several second exposure, illuminated by a light on the garage nearby.   Yes, I would like to claim this is some intricately planned multi-flash operation, but no.  Just a tree, illuminated by a garage light, along with two planets as the icing on the cake.

Sunset Tree

Peaceful Tree

This is a lovely little tree on the bank of the Arkansas River near downtown Wichita.  I fussed around it for about a half hour, trying to figure out what made it so appealing, and how to shoot it.  I think this straight-on, square cropped,  backlit HDR approach ended up being my favorite.

White Blossom Spring


There are some beautiful trees in Wichita right now, with brilliant white blossoms.  I think these are pear trees, however I may be mistaken.   These trees have that infrared look, without the need for pesky IR filters or expensive camera conversions.

I searched the city on Saturday for one or more of these trees in a pleasing setting, but had no luck.  They all seem to have been planted along busy roadways, parking lots, next to power lines, etc.   There are a few of these trees along my walking route so I isolated part of one against the blue sky with a few wispy cirrus clouds.   This is another example of what the little Canon S90 can produce, the jpegs look quite good right out of the camera.   Spring is here and I for one am quite happy about it.

A Tree With Character

Yes, I’m afraid it’s another fog post.   This tree sits directly across the river from a large high school (my old high school as it turns out), and if you were to turn your head to the right from this perspective you would see a large municipal swimming pool.   Such are the challenges of the urban nature photographer.   The fog made things so much easier.

Snow Branch

We got our expected snow.  I went out briefly to shoot in the yard this morning in case I don’t get the chance to venture further, later.   It’s a little hard for me to separate something interesting from all the tree branch clutter around here – this morning I was thinking close-ups and possibly abstract patterns.  It’s a problem getting snow to show up against a bright gray sky, but I went that route anyway.

Orange Dawn


I saw an orange color squeaking through the shaded window this morning, so took a peek.  Yikes!   A particularly good sunrise was in progress so I ran outside with the camera and snapped a few frames.   This almost takes on a abstract quality, or perhaps that’s just wishful thinking.   Anyhow, it would have been a great morning to be set up with a great foreground to the east, but sometimes you have to work with what you have on hand.