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Little House On The … Bahamas

I posted another version of this photo quite awhile back, but this is the original HDR version, if that makes sense.   I’d like to report that this is some historic little building, but in reality it is near the stingray attraction at Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas.  This is a private island, owned by one of the major cruise lines.    Someone put a lot of effort into the paint job, and my wife was quite taken with the structure.  Once I saw that crazy tree (on the left) straight out of a Star Trek episode (“Metamorphosis”) , I liked it also.   I half expected The Companion to come gliding around the bend for a conversation.  Of course, if you don’t know what I’m talking about you are probably not a Trekkie.

Rock & Ice – Glacier Bay

Another of my more abstract Alaska images, taken in Glacier Bay.   This is actually taken from the deck of a large cruise ship, the captain was able to maneuver her quite close to the glacier.   At least it seemed close.   I like that there is no sense of scale here.   That is actually what I would describe as a mountainside, and the glacier ice must be several stories tall.   When watching pieces of the glacier calve off into the ocean, we were told that no, those pieces falling were not the size of cars, but the size of houses.   Even viewing the scene directly there were no man made or other familiar objects to give the landscape any sense of scale.   Alaska is humbling and fascinating at the same time.

Urban Wildlife – Old San Juan Cat

Green Eyed Cat On The Street In Old San Juan

Green Eyed Cat On The Street In Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

In the “And now for something completely different” department, I’m taking a break from the fall foliage material to post this.  I don’t own any of those long lenses needed for most true wildlife photography, so I usually have to make do with the more docile variety of “wildlife”.    This cat was hanging out on a side street in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I thought it attractive, especially the green eyes matching the green leaves.   Old San Juan is chock full of interesting material of many subjects,  it is yet another place that I felt I was only able to scratch the surface of.

Favorite Places-Cloudland Road Vermont

Misty morning and fall colors, Cloudland Road Vermont.

Misty morning and fall colors along Cloudland Road, Vermont.

Cloudland Road in Vermont is one of those scenic stretches of classic New England scenery that really get the old photographic enthusiasm flowing.   This was taken on the same morning as the image in yesterday’s post, Cloudland Road and Galaxy Hill Road are in the same area and actually intersect.   The diffuse fog/mist/drizzle lent an interesting atmosphere to the images and make the fall colors stand out.

Fall Foliage-Galaxy Hill Road, Vermont

Fall Foliage Along Galaxy Hill Road, Vermont

Fall Colors Along Rainy Galaxy Hill Road, Vermont.

While it might seem counterintuitive, a rainy overcast day can really make colors pop.  This was a favorite spot we found in Vermont, I visited it twice.  The first day was rainy and I jumped out of the car for a few quick hand held frames.   The second day was dry, and  I came back with a tripod and took some time…but as it turns out I prefer the rainy day images.   The light is what really matters.