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A Balcony In Old San Juan


Hey it’s a balcony in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico!   I’ve been going back through some old material and applying some new post processing to a few here and there.   Old San Juan is very photogenic for those of you who like to shoot architecture, especially doorways, windows, balconies, streets etc.   I’d love to go back someday.

Out of the Blue~Cruise Ship In Port

Cruise ship docked at Puerto Rico


I was driving today in the oppressive heat,  and for some unknown reason it occurred to me to try a single exposure HDR from one of the night images I took in Puerto Rico a couple of years ago.  This is strange because I don’t recall thinking about these at all for a couple of years.   Does this sort of thing happen to anybody else?  A sudden idea about a certain photo or photo in your archives?   Anyhow, this is the Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Solstice, docked at Old Puerto Rico.  My wife and I were on the ship next door, so to speak.   The Solstice was lit up like a city, and I thought it was visually attractive.   Having no tripod, I had to crank up the ISO and brace on a handrail if I recall correctly.





One of the iconic Garita turrets along the wall of the El Morro fortress in Old San Juan,  Puerto  Rico.



Another scene from one of my favorite locations visited in the Caribbean, the Old San Juan Cemetery.   Hey look, I broke the rule of thirds yet again!  That orange dome against the ocean just intrigued the heck out of me, although as I recall I was 90% of the way towards a heat stroke by this point so instead of the usual 5 to 20 frames I usually take of a good scene, this is the only one I have of the dome itself, isolated against the background.

Cemetery By The Sea

A little something from a warmer climate this morning.  This is the beautiful cemetery located between the stone walls of fortress El Morro and the ocean, at Old San Juan Puerto Rico.   This particular image is an HDR with some additional post processing.   The cemetery had just closed for the day when we finally found the entrance (a long story in itself), so I couldn’t wander inside.  The location is packed with beautiful statuary.  Another one of those travel locations where I wish I had more time to explore.

Urban Wildlife – Old San Juan Cat

Green Eyed Cat On The Street In Old San Juan

Green Eyed Cat On The Street In Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

In the “And now for something completely different” department, I’m taking a break from the fall foliage material to post this.  I don’t own any of those long lenses needed for most true wildlife photography, so I usually have to make do with the more docile variety of “wildlife”.    This cat was hanging out on a side street in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.  I thought it attractive, especially the green eyes matching the green leaves.   Old San Juan is chock full of interesting material of many subjects,  it is yet another place that I felt I was only able to scratch the surface of.