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Outdoor Portraits~Homemade Diffuser Panel

In the “I don’t have a studio or studio lights” department, this is an example of what you can do with only sunlight and a little experimentation.  I built an approx. 4 foot wide by 6 foot high frame out of PVC piping, using PVC elbow and tee connectors as needed.   I purchased a sheet of white nylon fabric, similar to stuff you see kites made of, and cut it to match the frame.   I then used metal clips from an office store to clip the fabric to the frame.   The frame was set up with the sun shining through from behind, my baby niece was put on a table in front of the panel, resting on white towels in this case.   I thought it looked pretty good, although when I had prints made my lab gave me a hard time about all the background being blown out in such extreme fashion.    Anyhow, its just sunlight coming through the panel from behind and above, bouncing around.  I think I experimented with a tiny bit of on camera fill flash as well during this session, not necessarily on this particular image however.

I did not cement all the frame components together, the pipe simply slips into the fittings so it can be disassemble for transport.   Although I tweaked the specific construction, this basic  idea is one I got from the internet a couple of years ago, I do not claim it as my own.