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Down The Hatch





A blast from the past.  Back in the 1980’s I was in a local park when some hot air balloons became visible, drifting slowly across Wichita.  I saw one of them was going to line up with the giant smoke stack at North High School, which was just across the river from me at the time.   I waited until the right moment and took this exposure.    There it resided in it’s boring slide mount for probably close to 30 years, until last night it met up with my new Wolverine Slide Converter gadget.   Thanks to Ken Bello for making me aware of this device.  I’ve started converting a few old slides, trying to learn the quirks of the Wolverine.   (By the way, that was almost the title of this post…”The Quirks Of The Wolverine”. )   This particular image has also had some Lightroom work done on it to make it a little more graphically interesting to my eye.   I look forward to finding other old gems.


Senior Prank & Confusing Conversation No. 3,246


I’m going to veer off the photo-centric path for a post here (although I am providing twice the number of photos as usual).   This is Wichita High School North, from which yours truly graduated in 1977.  Apparently, sometime in the intervening years a tradition has taken hold where the senior class will TP  the grounds around the start of the school year.  (My sources indicate  this is all sanctioned so nobody got in trouble. )   My wife and I spied this last week while driving by, so I came back later to take a few record shots for the blog.  This was the largest TP hit I have ever seen, and I have seen a few in my time .  Well done!

The second part of the story results from my loitering around taking the photos.  A nice lady pulled up to take some photos of the carnage with her iPhone.  The following conversation ensued.

Nice Lady: “They were camped out last night on the lawn with tents!”

C.F.:  “The senior class?”

Nice Lady: “Yes, it’s a tradition.”

C.F.:” I graduated from North High School in 1977.”

Nice Lady: “Me too!”

C.F. (thinking I might know her-extend my hand in greeting): ” Charles Ford”

Nice Lady:   *Blank Look*

C.F.: “Charles Ford”

Nice Lady: “Where’s that?”

C.F. : “That’s my name.”

Nice Lady:  Oh.

Nice Lady continues, indicating that she must not have heard the North High part.  She graduated in 1977, but not in Wichita.  hehe.

Actually, this all sounded much funnier before I typed it out.   You probably had to be there.  Anyway, since I am always looking for new blog material, there you have it!   Congratulations to this senior class, they pulled off a doozy.