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I am not an astrophotographer, although I hope to get into it someday in the future.   While shooting outdoor Christmas light displays in a small northern Kansas town, I snuck a few frames of the sky.  Away from the light pollution of Wichita, the stars were beautiful.  This is the constellation Orion.  Even though there were many stars visible, the camera was able to image many more than were seen with the naked eye.  This was shot on my D700, at ISO 1100,  f/2.8 for six seconds.   You can clearly see the bright glowing pinkish gases of the Orion Nebula (a.k.a. The Great Nebula, a.k.a. M42)   in Orion’s sword.  This was shot at 58mm, I would like to experiment with longer focal lengths.   My time was limited on this excursion but it only makes me want to try this again.   This is just the camera on a tripod, no fancy piggyback telescope mount or anything like that – but that sure would be fun!   I’m pretty sure the oddball colors on the tree branches are due to the Christmas light displays below, not some color temperature wackiness or other factor.