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Leaf Me Alone


This poor leaf met it’s end on the concrete.  My self assignment was to make it look interesting.  According to my wife I have failed.   Today I feel the need to photograph, so anything is worth a try.  The weather here is cold, damp, gray, and generally depressing, but if I were an optimist I would say the light is soft, diffuse, and appealing.   This was taken with my little Canon S90 and tweaked in Lightroom.

Rough Around The Edges~Fall Creeps Into Kansas

Backlit leaf

Backlit Leaf

If you click on the image, the larger version shows the incredible structure of this leaf quite remarkably.  I don’t own an actual macro lens, however I do have a Canon 500D close up lens, which is basically a high quality magnifier that screws onto the end of your regular lens.  I was outdoors fooling around with it a couple of weeks ago.  I picked up this leaf and held it up so the low sun was shining directly through the back of it.  Aside from adjusting levels and desaturating the background, this is otherwise as-is.   Fall color has been slow coming to Kansas, there is still a lot of green around, however in the last week or so I’m seeing more color.