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Down The Hatch





A blast from the past.  Back in the 1980’s I was in a local park when some hot air balloons became visible, drifting slowly across Wichita.  I saw one of them was going to line up with the giant smoke stack at North High School, which was just across the river from me at the time.   I waited until the right moment and took this exposure.    There it resided in it’s boring slide mount for probably close to 30 years, until last night it met up with my new Wolverine Slide Converter gadget.   Thanks to Ken Bello for making me aware of this device.  I’ve started converting a few old slides, trying to learn the quirks of the Wolverine.   (By the way, that was almost the title of this post…”The Quirks Of The Wolverine”. )   This particular image has also had some Lightroom work done on it to make it a little more graphically interesting to my eye.   I look forward to finding other old gems.


Ready For Launch – Riverfest Balloon.


Now that our Riverfest photo contest is over, I can post anything I want from the event.  Not that there is all that much…but I was fascinated by this balloon launch.   Farmer’s Insurance was giving tethered balloon rides.   In the past they have had some trouble getting everything working, including the weather, but this year they had some luck.  I hovered around quite awhile, shooting while the sun set.   I thought this was  a good example of the high ISO capabilities of a my full frame Nikon D700.   Coupled with the rather amazing noise reduction capability of Lightroom (still using version 3), this is the result.  Handheld at ISO 3200.   That’s amazing stuff to me, but I am old and used to shoot Kodachrome 64.