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Blue Evening At The Keeper Of The Plains




Blackbear Bosin’s The Keeper of the Plains, located at the confluence of the Big & Little Arkansas rivers in the heart of my home town, Wichita, Ks.   The sky looked interesting this particular evening so I drove down to the Keeper and loitered about.   After getting soaked by a brief rain shower, things started to improve.   I have some images with more dramatic clouds, but I really liked the deep blue evening sky color in this one, contrasted with the artificially lit sculpture.   There are a lot of power lines in the area, along with a couple of tall suspension bridge towers (interesting subject for photos as well) so it is sometimes a challenge to frame the sculpture to exclude all those things.


Famous Since 1891



When in the heart of Eureka Springs, Arkansas one is confronted with these giant signs painted on the brick sides of this building.  I always thought they looked cool.  That’s all.

Urban Landscape-View from 21rst Street




This is a scene from one of the less attractive sides of Wichita.  Grain elevators are a common sight here, as they are all across the plains.   I also seem to be obsessed with old water towers that look like rockets on the launch pad.  This particular one has been bedeviling me for years, this is the first time I actually stopped to photograph it.  The clouds were interesting on this day, so I stopped for a grand total of about 90 seconds to grab a few frames.   (This involved parking at the side of a busy street in not the greatest area of town. )  It’s an HDR, monochrome conversion with a little extra post processing.

My Wife Doesn’t Like It


Brick and Stone

Brick and Stone



My wife, bless her, is not a yes (wo)man.   She is frank and honest with me when I show her my photos.   Supportive always, but never shy to say “don’t like it” if she doesn’t like it.  I think this is probably a good thing for me, but raises the question….could she be wrong?   Sometimes perhaps.  This makes me think of the subjective nature of art, two people can view the same piece and have totally different reactions.   If I had to guess, I’d say music is even more subjective than the visual arts, but that’s just the impression I get from life experience.    Anyhow, in this post I offer two images from Eureka Springs, Arkansas that have been sneaked past the spouse filter and onto the blog.   She didn’t like either of these.   I’m not claiming them as my best work, but I thought she was……too harsh!   🙂    Sorry honey!


Open for Business

Open for Business














Two North Main




Another colorful building facade in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.   Watch your step.





Another image from the ivy strewn stone wall of an abandoned building in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.





The facade of an abandoned building in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.   There were many no trespassing signs around so I had to shoot this from the street, working with about a 3 foot wide space between traffic behind me and a sheer drop off into a drainage ditch in front for the tripod….meaning I couldn’t get in there for any oblique angles etc.  Oh yeah, it was raining a little too!   I always wonder what the people driving by are thinking….are they thinking “cool, I wonder what that guy is photographing?”, or something more like “what an idiot!”   I suspect more of the second.

The Flatiron Building




No, not THAT Flatiron Building.   This is the one in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.   The original was built in 1880 and burned down in 1890.   A replacement was built in 1890 and also burned down.   The one there now was built in 1987.   At least the site is historic.   To me, it looks like a locomotive surging down the street with building in tow.   The building houses a hotel (“The Flatiron Flats” of course), and some shops.    I’ve photographed it before but finally got something I am somewhat pleased with.

The Meteorite Shop




One of the quirky little shops in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.   Not your garden variety establishment.   I didn’t actually go into the meteorite shop (which is upstairs apparently)….that would have involved sprinting a block to catch up with my wife to tell (OK, ask) her about going in.   I was already tired, there is virtually nothing level in Eureka Springs.    Still, it makes for a nice little storefront image.

Sunset Road No. 2




Yesterday I posted about the uncanny appearance of the aptly named “Sunset Road” on a trip home last Sunday.   This is the last image from that stop.   Usually I try and avoid man-made objects in a landscape, other than something  like a windmill or barn, but for some reason I included our car in this one.   I had been in front of the car a couple minutes earlier, shooting towards the sunset.   Once I got these up on the computer,  I liked the sky in this one better.  Amazing how much a sunset sky can change during two minutes.

Sunset at the Lake



Mother nature must have known I needed new material.   The skies were interesting this weekend so I headed out to Sedgwick County Park in Wichita.  One of my favorite spots near the windmill was not working, the sunset was directly behind a big old ugly transmitter tower.   As sometimes happens, this turned out to be a fortunate turn of events as it forced me to find a new, better location from which to admire this handsome sunset.

New England Tire Swing




I’m ready for fall.   Anybody else?  There’s only so many 100+ degree days a guy can take.

I don’t think I have posted this before…this was a quick shot of a tire swing in somebody’s yard.   This was a small town in coastal Maine.   I hopped out of the rental car and took a few quick shots here and there.    Mid-day, harsh light, but what can you do? – waiting around was not an option.    Besides, in such a situation I’m always afraid the camera police are going to show up and hassle me – they never do, but I still worry about it every time!

A Balcony In Old San Juan


Hey it’s a balcony in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico!   I’ve been going back through some old material and applying some new post processing to a few here and there.   Old San Juan is very photogenic for those of you who like to shoot architecture, especially doorways, windows, balconies, streets etc.   I’d love to go back someday.

The Bench At Margaritaville

HDR of Colorful Bench at Margaritaville, Grand Turk Island




Desperate for blog ideas…..     Check.

Concoct overcooked HDR of colorful bench at Margaritaville, Grand Turk Island….    Check.

Wish I was there…..    Check.

Out of the Blue~Cruise Ship In Port

Cruise ship docked at Puerto Rico


I was driving today in the oppressive heat,  and for some unknown reason it occurred to me to try a single exposure HDR from one of the night images I took in Puerto Rico a couple of years ago.  This is strange because I don’t recall thinking about these at all for a couple of years.   Does this sort of thing happen to anybody else?  A sudden idea about a certain photo or photo in your archives?   Anyhow, this is the Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Solstice, docked at Old Puerto Rico.  My wife and I were on the ship next door, so to speak.   The Solstice was lit up like a city, and I thought it was visually attractive.   Having no tripod, I had to crank up the ISO and brace on a handrail if I recall correctly.

Waiting for Fireworks


Once again I am shooting for the Wichita Riverfest photo contest.   Using Google Earth I drew some lines based on the launch sites  and knew where I wanted to set up this year.   Going by previous years, I decided when to arrive in order to secure my spot.   Unfortunately, the  rainy and cool weather earlier in the day must have thinned the crowds.  I found myself with one and a half hours of waiting.  Early on it was a lonely vigil.   I was almost directly under a huge steel power line tower, and half expected security from the power company to come out to get rid of me.   Turns out no one ever spoke to me except one guy who asked me “What time do the firecrackers start?”  🙂

What to do while waiting?  I shot a few bracketed sets here, one of which produced  a nice little HDR image with the rising moon above the clouds.    This image will not be in the contest, as it doesn’t really show any of the Riverfest.   (HDR is probably a no-no anyway for the contest.)

Once the show finally started, the fireworks rose above the saddle in Exploration Place across the river as expected.  I can’t post any of those until after the contest concludes.

The Unexpected



On Memorial Day my wife and I headed out to search the countryside for interesting barns or other scenes to photograph.   We stumbled across a beautiful Memorial Day display at the cemetery in Benton, Ks., which I posted an image of on Monday.  We did find a barn, but the sky was not particularly interesting.   We ended up eating a little picnic lunch at Lake Afton, which is a few miles from Wichita.   As I looked up at the underside of the wooden shelter we were under, I thought…wow that looks kind of interesting.  I took a bracketed set, put it through Photomatix, then back into Lightroom for level tweaks and a monochrome conversion.   A totally unexpected subject, and turned out to be one of my favorites of our little trip.

Supermoon No. 2


I had waited about 20 minutes past the actual time of moonrise for it to rise high enough to become visible through distant clouds.  Then there was no time to rest as the sky darkened, and the moon brightened.   The image above is the result of a bracketed set of 5 exposures run through Photomatix.   This is the best it could do with the rapidly expanding dynamic range of the scene- at least with what I gave the program to work with.   I thought this had a rather atmospheric mood,  although it is beginning to creep into the realm of the surreal.   Alright, I confess it was this one that made my wife go “oooooh , That one!” when she saw it, so I figured I better post it.

Supermoon No. 1




As you may have seen in the news, Saturday night’s full moon was extra special.  Our moon’s orbit around the earth is somewhat elliptical, so it is closer to us at certain times.  When those close approaches happen to coincide with the proper alignment with the sun for a full moon, we get a “supermoon”, which appears larger than at other times.    This windmill image was no accident, I used a fantastic app on my iPad called The Photographer’s Ephemeris.   You can stick a pin in the app’s map and it will project lines to show you exactly where the sun and moon will rise and set on the horizon.  I had a couple of ideas on where to position myself for Saturday’s moonrise, the app helped me know exactly where to be to get the image I had in mind.   This app gets the Warped Prism seal of approval!

Once the moon rose high enough to become visible through distant clouds and haze, there was a remarkably short time to work.  This is an HDR image processed through Photomatix, then some tweaks in Lightroom.  I have a small handful of ‘keepers’, but have found it really difficult to choose what to post.

Easter Sunrise



Last Sunday’s sunrise over Table Rock Lake in the Missouri Ozarks.

Forest Road



If backroads have backroads, this is it.   Deep in the trees near Table Rock lake in the Missouri Ozarks, this road loops around an area of forest before returning to the ‘main’  backroad.   This is an HDR taken last Saturday, as I visited my brother and nephew.   Did you ever make a photo that looks really good when viewed at a large size, but where the WOW factor seems to plummet rapidly as the size shrinks just a little?   That’s what I’m thinking here, and it is a mystery to me.   We have had a lot of fun over the years along this road, so I’m glad to have a good image to remember it by.

In Search Of A More Perfect Sunset


This one looked very  promising.  The windmill was even pleasingly aligned.  But alas, the hoped for super-spectacularness did not unfold.  But it was still pretty, just in a more subtle fashion than I had initially hoped.

Patience Pays No. 2


The other ‘keeper’ from last weeks sunset excursion.   As I said in the previous post, this color only appeared 15 minutes after actual sunset – I had almost packed up and left the area.

Patience Pays



The weather was unseasonably warm yesterday, so I decided to drive out to a local park in case the sunset was interesting.  It wasn’t at first.  I shot for awhile, but saw none of the pinks or reds I was hoping for.  I waited a full 15 minutes after sunset, and still all I had was blues and grays.   I removed the camera from the tripod, collapsed the tripod, and prepared to walk back to the car.   Then I saw, through the trees on the southern horizon a little bit of pinkish clouds.   Sure enough, there was some pink in a cloud to the north as well, color that hadn’t been there a minute before.   I decided to wait for a minute….and quickly the sky to the west began to colorize alarmingly quickly.    I set back up and shot like crazy for the 5 minutes or so it lasted.   I already knew this as a guiding principle – you need to wait for awhile after sunset to see what develops.  It was just that this time it really looked like nothing would happen.   Wrong!   Patience pays off in situations like this, don’t pack up too quickly.

Something else that is illustrated by this image is that it is possible to shoot something like this in an urban setting.   The windmill is set on a small hill, which I used to block the biking path, lake, road, cars, joggers, and tall light poles beyond.  Not that there’s anything wrong with those subjects, but that was not what I was after this evening.  All that matters is what is in the frame.

This is a three exposure HDR, hopefully not overcooked.  The only thing I could have wished different was that the bladed wheel at the top of the windmill was turned more in profile.   I tried my telekinetic powers, but the thing wouldn’t budge.   You can’t have everything.