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The Vine




I ran across this older image by accident when looking for something else.  I always meant to do something with it but never did.   A nice green vine against a stone wall…just the sort of mundane thing to catch the eye of a passing photographer type individual.

Forest Road



If backroads have backroads, this is it.   Deep in the trees near Table Rock lake in the Missouri Ozarks, this road loops around an area of forest before returning to the ‘main’  backroad.   This is an HDR taken last Saturday, as I visited my brother and nephew.   Did you ever make a photo that looks really good when viewed at a large size, but where the WOW factor seems to plummet rapidly as the size shrinks just a little?   That’s what I’m thinking here, and it is a mystery to me.   We have had a lot of fun over the years along this road, so I’m glad to have a good image to remember it by.