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Spring Is Springing




A heavily edited/processed/altered/massaged/insert-verb-here  image of some tree blossoms in my back yard.   Mega-massaging courtesy of Perfect Photo Suite 7.   At some point I will have hopefully worked this out of my system and go back to less manipulated material.   I feel like I did back in the 1990’s with Corel Photo Paint when I learned I could disort peoples bodies and put antlers on their heads.   The possibilities of this software are mind boggling!

Gerbera Trio


I had a nice light painted single gerbera blossom, but what to do with it?  Rather than post a disembodied single  blossom, I made it a triple and there you go, for whatever it’s worth.

Light Painted Gerbera Daisies


Dark Kitchen + Countertop + Black Foam Board + Gerbera Daisies + Camera + Tripod + Weak Penlight = This

Spring Has Sprung


Scientifically speaking, as most of you probably know, Spring has officially arrived here in the northern hemisphere.   In honor of this,  I found an image from a few years ago, some tiny blossoms on one of my trees.  I am by no means a macro or flower expert, but I thought this one looked pretty good.   As I recall, I was fooling around with my Canon screw-on magnifying lens on my 70-200mm zoom.   I’m fairly certain a true macro lens would make things easier, however the Canon magnifier does work quite well for the occasional use.    Happy Spring.

A Taste of Spring



Like many parts of the country, Wichita has been experiencing quite a winter.  We’ve had several major snowstorms, but one week after the most recent one we were having record high temperatures in the 70’s.  Crazy stuff.  We have a nice botanical garden in the city, this is one of my better images taken there.  Hopefully a reminder of things to come.

Light Painted Orchid

Orchitd blooms in front of black background.

Orchid blooms illuminated by painting with a penlight.

It’s interesting to discover what is possible with a little experimentation.   The orchid here was sitting on a countertop in a dark room, with a black piece of cardboard behind.   The camera was on a tripod,  set on “B” for bulb.   With a cable release the shutter was tripped, and a small penlight used to paint the orchid with light.   With modern digital cameras you can experiment at will with both exposure time, and the way you use the light.    This particular frame was shot at f16 with an exposure time of 37 seconds.   No studio or expensive lights required.   That doesn’t mean I  didn’t wish I had a studio, just that sometimes you can get by without.