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Bringing a little color back to the blog.  So there’s a post Valentine’s day vase full of roses sitting around here…what’s a guy to do?  Bring out the tripod and penlight for a little flower light painting of course.  This was taken at 200mm using my Canon screw-on magnifying close up lens attachment, on my Sigma zoom, on my Nikon camera.   I try not to get bogged down by brand loyalty.   This was about a three second exposure at ISO 200 with a weak penlight.   The light must be weak for you to have any time to manipulate it.   Next time I might try dropping the ISO on the camera to one of the special lower settings.

Miracle Flower

Red Tulip

My large but minimally maintained backyard is not particularly scenic.  I can barely grow grass, I seem to do much better with weeds.  A week or so ago I noticed a spot of red out there.  Too far away from the house to identify, I was thinking it was a piece of trash blown into the yard.  Walking out to retrieve it, I discovered, to my amazement, it was not trash, but a perfect red tulip.   Growing out in the middle of the yard, this was something new.  I know for at least the ten years I have been here, there have been no flower beds, flower gardens, or an attempt at such anywhere in the area.

So what could this mean?  Was it my wife’s recently passed beloved grandmother sending us a message?  Was it my dad saying ‘hey’ from beyond?   A special gift for me to celebrate another spring after a health scare in the fall?   A little divine help in naming my wife’s new upcoming business venture?   Or perhaps just a flower.  Whatever the case, we are enjoying the mere fact of it’s existence.

To tell this story with a photograph I really needed to show the tulip small in the frame, illustrating it’s lonely position out in the middle of the otherwise unremarkable setting, however I couldn’t seem to figure out how to execute that in a satisfying fashion.  I have thus gone macro to at least have a record of the special flower.

Light Painted Flower

Penlight Painted Flower

I did a little experimenting with light painting again last night.   A flower closeup, courtesy of my Canon close up lens on my Sigma 70-200mm lens.   Shot at ISO 400 at f/11 for 7.1 seconds.   During that time I was painting the flower with a little weak penlight, including some light from behind.   I thought it turned out fairly interesting, especially the yellow “nucleus”.    For anybody wanting to try something similar, I find that you really do need a weak penlight, one of those more modern LED blazing models is too bright, the exposure will be too short to do anything creative, even at a low ISO.   Of course, your mileage may differ.