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Sunset at the Lake



Mother nature must have known I needed new material.   The skies were interesting this weekend so I headed out to Sedgwick County Park in Wichita.  One of my favorite spots near the windmill was not working, the sunset was directly behind a big old ugly transmitter tower.   As sometimes happens, this turned out to be a fortunate turn of events as it forced me to find a new, better location from which to admire this handsome sunset.

Happy Duck In The Rain

This is something I like to call “Happy Duck In The Rain” .  Hey, it is what it is, I am a simple guy.

Wichita is experiencing a period of intense heat and drought.   Last Saturday we had a record breaking  scorcher at 111 degrees.   Tuesday evening I had noticed the sky was looking interesting, so I set out downtown to the river area.   As I parked a brief but potent little rain shower erupted, much to the delight of the ducks and geese in the area.   I waited the rain out, and the sky got interesting again.  More on that later.

Duck Magic

I went out to search for winter scenes at mid-day, and happened upon some ducks on a lake, swimming through brilliant twinkling sun reflections.  My confession about this one is that I decided not to wade through the huge pile of snow necessary to change to a longer lens.  This is quite the extreme crop, I’ll leave it at that.   I believe the little sunburst patterns you see are a result of the small aperture used here…f/16.   No filters were used on camera or in post processing.   Not that there’s anything wrong with that…