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Dog vs. Raccoon~Urban Wildlife Incident Report


It was an ordinary quiet morning here in Kansas’  largest city.   Then I heard my dog Lucas barking.  Not the “I want to come in” bark.  Not the “I see something across the street” bark.  Not even the “there is a squirrel in that tree” bark.   This was definitely the “there is a large unusual creature in the yard!” bark.   I went out to see, and there it was.  Was it a cat with strange markings?  No, it was a raccoon in a tree.  Unlike the fire incident in July, this time I sprinted back in the house, grabbed my camera out of the bag, switched to my 70-200mm zoom, and ran back out.  Unfortunately, I looked down to see there was no memory card in the camera.  I ran back in, found a card, inserted it, formatted it, and ran back out.   The raccoon was still there, in a heated standoff with Lucas.  I was able to get a few pretty good  portraits.   Things were getting pretty tense, and visions of rabies shots began dancing in my head, so Lucas and I retreated to the house and let the stressed raccoon go about his/her  business.     I believe these are the first raccoon images in my portfolio.


The Standoff