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One last image from the car show.   A great old black Cadillac.   It was at last years show also, I have many a shot of it’s hood ornament, of which I have posted a couple in the past.  (The third photo down in my recent “hood ornament bonanza” post for example.   It’s a big old hulking piece of American metal, full of interesting details and a boat load of character, beautifully restored and maintained.




Seen at the Blacktop Nationals car show in Wichita last weekend.  I believe this a Chevy, circa 1936.   It was beautiful.  I’m guessing this color was not among those offered by Chevrolet in the 1930’s !

Old Ford

This one’s for Ken Bello.   I’ve been photographing the Wichita Riverfest the last week.  (Just for fun, they have a photo contest.)  One of Saturday’s events had a car show of sorts, all manner of vehicles parked downtown on display.   I’ve never really had the opportunity to try this type of show car photography before.  This old Ford convertible was drawing a lot of attention.  Great details and paint on this car.  I’m seeing all manner of reflections in the chrome and paint that I hadn’t noticed during initial processing.   I can see where you need to be mindful of  reflections when doing this sort of thing.