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The Basin Park Hotel




Another slice of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  This is the Basin Park Hotel.  There is a curious lack of photos for the exterior of the building on their official website.  I guess they figure that’s not one of it’s strong points.   I think it has some historic character.   I kind of like this because it looks like the flower box in the upper left could plunge downward at any moment.





Another image from the ivy strewn stone wall of an abandoned building in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.





The facade of an abandoned building in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.   There were many no trespassing signs around so I had to shoot this from the street, working with about a 3 foot wide space between traffic behind me and a sheer drop off into a drainage ditch in front for the tripod….meaning I couldn’t get in there for any oblique angles etc.  Oh yeah, it was raining a little too!   I always wonder what the people driving by are thinking….are they thinking “cool, I wonder what that guy is photographing?”, or something more like “what an idiot!”   I suspect more of the second.

The Flatiron Building




No, not THAT Flatiron Building.   This is the one in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.   The original was built in 1880 and burned down in 1890.   A replacement was built in 1890 and also burned down.   The one there now was built in 1987.   At least the site is historic.   To me, it looks like a locomotive surging down the street with building in tow.   The building houses a hotel (“The Flatiron Flats” of course), and some shops.    I’ve photographed it before but finally got something I am somewhat pleased with.





During a stress filled trip to the Ozarks last week, after my brothers death, my wife and I managed to get away for a few hours to the charming yet baffling town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.   A little town full of bed and breakfast’s, and shops of all kinds, it is a favorite destination.   Built on steep hills, I still haven’t grasped the geography of the town, despite many visits.  I have photographed this building facade before, but wanted to take another crack at it.  I’m not sure if 1902 refers to the year, or the street address, I wasn’t paying attention!   This is an HDR image derived from a hand held bracketed set, ran through Photomatix Pro, Lightroom, and a slight touch up using Photoshop Elements.

Life goes on, and being out shooting was a bit of a healing for me, at least a start.