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During a stress filled trip to the Ozarks last week, after my brothers death, my wife and I managed to get away for a few hours to the charming yet baffling town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.   A little town full of bed and breakfast’s, and shops of all kinds, it is a favorite destination.   Built on steep hills, I still haven’t grasped the geography of the town, despite many visits.  I have photographed this building facade before, but wanted to take another crack at it.  I’m not sure if 1902 refers to the year, or the street address, I wasn’t paying attention!   This is an HDR image derived from a hand held bracketed set, ran through Photomatix Pro, Lightroom, and a slight touch up using Photoshop Elements.

Life goes on, and being out shooting was a bit of a healing for me, at least a start.