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Foggy Morning~Day Four

It would be hard for me to understate how exciting it was to photograph in this dense fog, which is a fairly unusual happening in my hometown.  The ethereal quality the fog imparts to otherwise ordinary scenes was remarkable.   The stable lighting allows one to concentrate on composition.   Another fundamental truth of photographing in fog is that your physical distance to the subject matter becomes very important.   The closer the subject, the more details are revealed, and vice versa.  No zoom lens is going to make that distant tree obscured in the fog any clearer.   If you want it clearer, you’ve got to move closer.     This was as much fun as I’ve ever had photographing anything.  Ever.  I hope it happens again soon!

Foggy Morning~Day Three

Two more foggy images.   I neglected to mention earlier in the week that the black and white conversion was done using Lightroom.   I also just noticed, the day after posting, that my image sizing was a little off, cropping off the right edge of these photos a little due to my wordpress theme limitations.  Darn it!  I have fixed that, a day late.

Foggy Morning~Day Two

Even man made objects can be made to look extraordinary by the fog.   I remember photographing this bridge during a summer photography class back around 1980 or so.  That time it was in bright sun to illustrate the concept of contrast for a class assignment.   This time it was a little different, this scene is probably as London-like as you’re ever likely to see in Wichita, Kansas.

Foggy Morning~Day One

Something of a miracle happened yesterday morning in Wichita, we had another dense fog.  Since it was a weekend, I was able to venture out with my ‘real’ camera and shoot with no time pressure.  It was creatively rewarding, but it was also just plain fun.   Wichita sits at the confluence of the Big and Little Arkansas rivers, which under the right circumstances can provide a nice foreground water refection.   I shot, and shot, until I couldn’t shoot anymore.  Instead of burning off into sunlight, this fog hung on a long time and was followed by thunderstorms.   I am hereby designating this as ‘ fog week’ at the Warped Prism, at the end of which anybody who is reading this will probably be tired of bare trees in the fog.