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The Backyard Sky



There were some fairly interesting clouds in the area yesterday evening, as small rain showers popped up here and there.  One was blocking the western sun, so I spent some time in the back yard shooting.   I have a dream to someday live  in a house with mostly unobstructed views to the horizon, at least towards the west, with perhaps some rolling hills and/or an interesting tree or two for foreground interest.   Unfortunately that is not the case at present.  Still, the clouds are nice no matter the setting.




I kind of like the one above in black and white.




And finally…


The Mists Of Time




I call it the mists of time because that sounds more poetic than “slide scan of smoke in the Grand Canyon”.   The year was 2003, and there I was with my new Nikon N80 film SLR at the Grand Freaking Canyon.   There were fires in the area that dropped smoke into the abyss, which depending on your point of view might have been either a good thing or a bad thing for photography.   I am working my way through some scans, this is the first one I thought was blog-worthy.   Working with these .jpg scans makes me appreciate all the more the beauty of shooting digital in RAW.

Someday I may tell the tale of how my cell phone died on the day this was taken, preventing me from checking in with my fiancee (now wife) back at the hotel in Sedona.  OK, if you insist here’s the short version…   When I hadn’t arrived back safely when she expected me, she started calling the authorities, thinking I had “fallen in”.  Apparently the park service, the Arizona highway patrol, and perhaps the Boy Scouts were on the lookout for me.   I was in trouble when I got back to the room.   Oh and none of the agencies looking for me found me.

Happy Fourth of July




It’s not midnight here yet, but getting close, so I can still wish everyone a happy July 4th.   As I sat outside, watching the neighbors explode giant (illegal in Wichita) mortar shell type fireworks over my house, suddenly I thought I should run in here and do a blog post.   In the interests of full disclosure, it should be noted that all these fireworks photos were taken at the Wichita Riverfest, which is not in July.  The ones with the bridge and Keeper of the Plains statue are from May 2007, and the other one from May 2009.    Still, they seemed appropriate, and a good subject to try posting a gallery instead of a single image.

Alright, back outside to man the hose!


Famous Since 1891



When in the heart of Eureka Springs, Arkansas one is confronted with these giant signs painted on the brick sides of this building.  I always thought they looked cool.  That’s all.