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Happy New Year


One more colorful holiday light photo to end the year.  I’d like to thank everyone who has visited my blog and especially those that have taken the time to hit the ‘like’ button or leave a comment.  Have a safe New Year’s Eve, and here’s hoping you all have a good 2012.

Illuminations No. 5 – Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas to everyone, hope you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

Illuminations No. 4


Illuminations No. 3


Illuminations No. 2

Illuminations No. 1


Our local botanical garden, “Botanica” has a large holiday light display called “Illuminations”.   I visited last weekend, not knowing what to expect or what/how to proceed with photographing it…so I did what most of us probably have to do now and then…made it up as we went along.    I did get a lot of practice maneuvering a tripod in a crowd, if nothing else.   The plan is to post a few images from that between now and Christmas.   I may have to go back, I think we missed quite a bit of the show, it is spread over quite a large area.

Gizmo Slash Feline



I admit it.  There’s no denying it.  I am hurting for new images right now.   I have gone back into the hard drive and found an old one to play around with.   I’m pretty sure I have never presented an image of Gizmo the wonder cat on this blog.  He usually gets his mail from the vet addressed to Gizmo/Feline, thus the title of the post.   I blame, umm… I mean I was inspired to do this by Ken Bello.   Gizmo hasn’t made any major motion pictures Ken, but he has other talents.  Like eating.  And sleeping.