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Just Another Fall On The Little Arkansas


What I find interesting about this image is the location.   Sure, it’s a nice fall scene on the Little Arkansas (Ar-Kan-Sas not Ar-Kan-Saw – it’s a local thing ).   What I find interesting is that it is in the middle of the largest city in Kansas, a metropolitan area of roughly 500,000 people last I heard.  If you look closely you can see a few small hints at civilization in the image – what you can’t see are the house lined streets that parallel the river, or the busy four lane bridge/street  behind the photographer.   This is one of those scenes you would have about a two second glimpse of while crossing the bridge in traffic.   I got that two second glimpse the other day, so later found a place to park and dashed out onto the bridge (not in the traffic lanes hehe) for a few quick frames.  Too bad the sky was so bland, but you can’t have everything.  I can always try again.   It  IS  possible to find scenes like this in a heavily urban area, just a little tricky.




Radio controlled sailboats ply the lake at a local park.

Reflections On Fall

Fall color is finally showing up in south central Kansas.   I visited a favorite local park over the weekend to see what I could see.

Special Thank You Post

I need to take care of some business here.  One of the kindest persons on the internet, Patti Ross, did something very nice for me.    Thank you to Patti, she has been a frequent commenter on this blog and very supportive.   You should all check out Patti’s blog at  Learn More Everyday .  She is a skilled blogger and wonderful writer, using this thing called the internet to it’s maximum potential.  But Patti,  after reflection I decided not to officially accept or pass on to others the you-know-what.   I was also given the you-know-what  back in late September by the author of the hilarious office humor blog at SlavesInc .   (You need to check this blog out – especially if you are toiling away in an office environment.)   The reason I am not passing along the you-know-what has do with my personal reluctance to pass on that particular hot potato to a lot of other people.   Not because there is a lack of deserving material, it’s just I’m not comfortable in asking them to do the work required that comes with it.

What I WILL do however is try and increase my efforts to occasionally link to other bloggers work which I find exceptional – there is plenty of great work out there.   I’m sorry to be so cryptic, but if I even mention the you-know-what,  I might appear to be self serving without accepting the responsibilities that come along with the you-know-what.

So now that I am coming to what is likely my most confusing post ever, let me again thank Patti Ross and the mighty SlavesInc for even thinking of me when considering who to pass on the you-know-what.   That concludes today’s message, you may now return to your normal WordPress activities!



Another Pair Of Eyes


When out photographing, I am very happy to wander in an interesting area, free to ‘find’ images on my own.  Sometimes, however, I have found a second pair of eyes to be quite fruitful, especially when out driving in an unfamiliar place.   As I was driving our rental car through the winding roads near Woodstock, Vermont, it was my wife who spotted these autumn wreaths hanging on the bright white doors of a beautiful church.   I’m a sucker for doorways as it is – add these cool wreaths and it’s a win-win situation.   This is one of those I would have missed if I hadn’t had that second pair of eyes keeping watch.  Thanks Kelley.