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Lower Baker Pond Revisited

Late Afternoon Light At Lower Baker Pond, New Hampshire

Late Afternoon Light At Lower Baker Pond, New Hampshire

A couple of weeks ago I posted  an HDR  image of Lower Baker Pond, New Hampshire that got a good response.  I went back into my original files and found another bracketed set of exposures I took during that brief stop, looking in another direction.   This time I attempted to process the HDR with less of a surreal look, aiming for something resembling what might be the result of using a neutral density graduated filter during the actual shot.  I find it pleasing.  The composition may lack that extra 5% to make it great, but the sky, mirror smooth water, and eye popping foliage was an irresistible combination.

4 responses

  1. Ken Bello

    This is a great image, Charles. I have not tried too many HDR photos, but this makes me want to get out and shoot. Do you use auto-bracketing or manual exposure control? What works best? How many shots in the set for this?

    October 25, 2010 at 11:01 am

  2. I use auto-bracketing. Usually a set of five exposures, but I only use 3. (My D700 cannot be set to bracket in 2 EV increments, so I have to shoot 0, -2, -1, +1, +2) I then use the 0, +2, -2 frames to combine in Photomatix for the HDR process. If that makes sense. A tripod is best, but you can get by without if you can shoot a quick burst at high enough shutter speeds to keep everything aligned from frame to frame. (Or aligned close enough for the software to handle anyway.)

    October 25, 2010 at 3:52 pm

  3. Ken Bello

    Thanks, CF, I’ll give this a try first chance I get.

    October 25, 2010 at 4:22 pm

  4. The light you managed to capture here is stunning. This has me thinking more about auto-bracketing and HDR. I’m not normally drawn to surrealistic HDR images, but the way you haved used the process is most appealing.

    January 9, 2011 at 9:34 pm

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